<aside> 📌 Herald helps your team organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products. 🙌


<aside> 🔌 Herald's Front plugin makes it possible to save customer quotes directly from your Front inboxes in just a few clicks. It takes only seconds to enable. Once installed, the plugin works for all your teammates in both the Front web and desktop apps.


Start by navigating to the Settings hovering over your profile picture in the top-left:


Find Integrations under Company:


Search for Herald:


Proceed to Enable Integration:


Enable it and it hit Save:


And you're done! You should now see the Herald icon on the right of your inbox. Clicking this opens up the Herald plugin. ****Now, as you browse emails, the plugin will automatically figure out the customer that's reaching out you, making it easy to copy/paste quotes from emails into the plugin and send them to Herald.